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Ensemble Voice and Piano

Available Versions High Voice (B 2/3 – Bb 4/5); Low Voice
     (G 2/3 – F# 4/5); Individual movements available

Duration 22:00

Completed 2009

Text The Catholic Mass

Cost $25, Introit, Kyrie, and Sanctus: $3.50 each, Gloria and Credo: $8 each, Agnus Dei: $5

As I began my academic study of music, a form with which I immediately became infatuated was the Mass. I was intrigued by variety of different emotions and complexities multiple composers could accomplish with the same text; the crossover between the artistic, the spiritual, and the pragmatic; and the ability of the music to make a specific religious expression into one that is universally human. In my first Mass setting, I heavily emulated the form of my favorite composer of the Mass, William Byrd, in how and when to stretch text or not in order to communicate different viewpoints, when to tell the story and when to impose interpretations, and the emotional highs and lows embedded in the text.

High Voice
Low Voice
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