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Celebrate Today!

Ensemble SATB with Piano and optional Guitar, Bass, and Drums

Duration 4:30

Completed 2023

Cost $2.50 (minimum order 10); Parts – $30

While there are countless choral pieces honoring and celebrating specific holidays and occasions, when I was set to write a piece
on the topic of celebration, I wanted to instead elevate the everyday and how worth celebrating it is. One of the hallmarks
of Unitarian Universalism is that it lifts up as sacred or holy things what might otherwise be regarded as mundane or profane.
But, even as we lift it up in our hearts, we need to be sure that
we take the time not just to recognize these wonders, but to actively celebrate them as well.


This piece combines a text honoring the small miracles of the everyday with a musical setting featuring heavy use of jazz chords and syncopation to create a fun, exuberant, and vivacious feeling in the both the singers and the audience.


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