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Paul takes commissions in all forms for from intimate chamber music to large scale works to recorded music for media or personal use. See below for a small selection of some of the work Paul has done on commission for a sense of what he can offer to your project. 

In addition to free-form commissioning, Paul also offers a commission package for choirs called the Capstone Choir Commission.

Commission FAQs


How much will it cost? 
Cost can vary heavily from project to project (not a helpful answer, I know!) due to the number of variables that can effect the amount of work required to create the piece. These variables include the length of the piece, the number of instruments, whether or not a text needs to be created, etc. This rough guide can give you a good starting idea of what a project you're looking at may cost, but also know that I'm willing to work with commissioners to find creative solutions to cost barriers and get down to making music together!

What's the difference between commissioning a classical piece and commissioning a recorded work? 
When commissioning a new piece of classical music, the commissioner will usually have an ensemble in mind to perform the new work, which will determine the instrumentation of that work. I will then deliver a musical score from which that ensemble will learn and deliver a performance of that work. When I'm commissioned for a piece of recorded media, whether it be for theater, video games, film, or personal use, I instead deliver the final recorded product to be implemented as desired. Unlike writing for an ensemble, the instrumentation for such a work can be wildly variable from simple to complex and from traditional to experimental.


Do I need to know exactly what I want before I contact you? 
Not at all! The best commissions are collaborations between all parties involved in the commission, so whether you have a firm idea of what you're looking for or just know you want some sort of piece for an occasion, we can work together to create the perfect piece to fit your desires. 

If you're interested in commissioning Paul for a personal or ensemble piece, please contact
or call 218-341-6141 for a free consultation, rates, and timelines.


Commissioned for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Minnetonka in honor of the construction of their new building, this commission was an excellent collaboration between all involved as Paul worked with the congregation to encapsulate theme and ritual that was used on the day (they carried lights from their old building to the new) as well as with the choir director, ensuring the piece fit well with the performers.


Commissioned by the Society for New Music as part of their Rising Stars series, writing this piece allowed me the privilege of interacting with two excellent performers of their respective instruments and writing something that really let them tap into the beautiful sounds they were capable of making, both individually and as an ensemble.


Is your high school or college choir program in a special place? Do you want the unique and perfect piece of music to help your students celebrate their achievement and find deeper levels of personal and artistic expression? The Capstone Choir Commission allows you to have a special piece created just for your group, catering to their abilities and their artistic tastes. 


Text may be selected or even created by the students in the ensemble, in consultation with the composer, for an original choral piece, with or without accompaniment, of 3–5 minutes in length. 


This package costs $1500 plus travel and lodging and also includes up to 2 consecutive personalized clinic sessions with the group leading up to the performance. The Capstone Choir Commission may also be made in consortium, adding $500 per school, as well as any additional travel and lodging.

Please contact or 218-341-6141 to discuss the possibility of booking a Capstone Choir Commission for your program!

Remember Love

Capstone Choir Commission for
2017 Okemos High School Choirs

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