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Music Production

Over the years, Paul has been developing his recording and producing skills from simple recordings made in his bedroom during school to operating his own professional home studio. Paul's biggest offering as a producer is his ability to understand, accentuate, and elevate other people's work, making him a perfect partner for students looking to record their progress, talent who want professional, full-band demoes, or singer-songwriters who want to take their music to the next level.

Your Voice Leading the Way

Paul's gorgeous vocal room, keen ear for vocal editing, and performance and programming ability on a variety of backing instruments makes him the perfect producer for your solo project. Depending on your desires Paul can faithfully recreate an established arrangement, help add to or improve an in progress arrangement, or create a brand new arrangement of the song from scratch. 

  • If you're a vocal student that has only had the chance to sing in your teacher's voice studio or the occasional recital, imagine hearing your performance recorded over a rocking band or gorgeous chamber ensemble.

  • If you're a professional actor or singer, what better way to present your skills than with a polished, professional recording of you backed by a full band in a tight arrangement?

  • If you're a singer-songwriter, are you ready to hear your songs fully realized with all the parts that maybe you've always imagined in your head, but never had the chance to bring to life?

For all of these, what sets Paul apart is his musical excellence paired with affordability. Normally, to bring a song to a studio backed by a full band can cost many hundreds if not thousands of dollars as you pay for studio time, a producer, an engineer, and multiple session musicians. With Paul, you get everything you're looking for in one place, so not only does it keep costs down for you, but it also ensures that your final product with have a cohesive vision and everything will be performed with strong musicality and integrity to your voice.


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