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O Let Me Rise

Ensemble SATB with Brass Quintet, Piano, and Percussion

Duration 5:15

Completed 2024

Text George Herbert

Cost $2.50 (minimum order 10), Parts - $30

O Let Me Rise is built upon a melodic cell that is unusually wide for vocal music – a principal note followed by an ascending 4th, 2nd, and then 5th to span a total of a 9th. When expanded into a full melody, this wide range extends further, almost covering two full octaves in a span of just two measures. While the general text painting of the “rising” words is relatively obvious in this, I also hoped that the wide range, along with other elements of surprise such as key and texture changes, may draw both the performers’ and listeners’ attention in unexpected ways, even while the overall tonal language is one that is relatively familiar.


In this way, I actually hope to mirror the text and its imagery. The beauty and glory of a sunrise or other scene of natural beauty, and even the celebration of a holiday as important and invigorating as Easter, can run the risk of almost becoming commonplace as we revel in their familiar warmth and comfort. And yet, it is important to remain open to the surprise and the unexpected joys of these moments – and the miracle that they should even be occurring for us to witness and experience at all – as well as their comforts, seeking new truths and wonder each time we experience them.


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