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Music can set the perfect tone for a party or group event and bring everyone together in the spirit of celebration. Paul offers both elegant background music for setting the mood as well as performance pieces to honor specific people or occasions.

  • Base Package - $150 for the first hour, $100 per additional hour. Beautiful and room-sensitive piano music including jazz standards, classical-style improvisations, and musical theater.

  • Sung Music - Add $50 per hour. Choose any songs from the available rep list and add them to the set.

  • Special Set List Inclusions - Add $100 per group of 4 songs. Add any songs of your choice not included on the available rep list to be added to the party set.

  • Original Music: Original Solo Piano Arrangement/Medley of Existing Music - $100 each; Original Songs - $350 each

  • Equipment Fees: Keyboard - $50, Guitar or other instruments  - $25 each, Amplifier and Microphone - $25

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