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The most joyful day of your life deserves the perfect music!

There's so much that wedding music can do to elevate the spirits of both the couple and the guests, from creating an aura of grandeur with a beautiful processional, to bringing a community together in joined song, to the sharing of a special love with a perfect performance of a shared love song. Music, like love, goes beyond words and straight to the soul.

Paul offers both the excellence and the flexibility to bring your ideal music to life. A wedding with Paul features a customized setlist of songs meaningful to you as a couple meant to celebrate and share the power of your new life together with your loved ones. It also features two processional options, either created from 1 or 2 songs special to you and adapted into a processional (traditional favorites still work great also!) or a completely original improvised processional geared toward the exact flow of the day. All music will be precisely timed to the overall movement of the service so everything feels smooth and professional, allowing the focus to remain where it should, on the love of the couple


Paul's base wedding package begins at only $300, including the rehearsal and can be altered and expanded to fit your exact needs and desires. For a free booking consultation, you can email Paul at or call or text 218-341-6141.

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