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Quartet in C

Ensemble Oboe, Violin, Double Bass, and Piano

Duration 16:00

Completed 2011, rev. 2017

Cost $65 (Score and Parts)

Originally conceived as a piece for solo Organ for use in worship, this piece's form and content follows the traditional order and affect of service music: Prelude - Offertory - Postlude. The Prelude is the longest movement, slowly setting the stage (and in church, allowing people to continue to enter). The form of this movement also takes on a traditional organ form - a prelude and fugue. The Offertory in a service is often reflective and accessible music; in this piece represented by a song without words. Finally, the Postlude is often a rousing piece, such as a toccata. Exactly such a piece closes the quartet, in a movement whose sonata form also plays with the concept of liturgical music by contrasting an angular theme with a more hymn-like theme.

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